Get Wired!



Wired connections are safer, faster and more secure. They allow you to reduce your exposure to radio frequency radiation. 

It is not necessary to have wireless to use the internet. You can access the internet as easily as charging your phone just by plugging into an

 ethernet cable. 

Connections are very secure and private, and you reduce your health risks. We are surrounded by wireless radiation when we leave our homes, however, in your home, you can choose wired connections and help your body recover from the stresses of wireless radiation. You may find you sleep and feel better!



Use ethernet cables and, if needed, adapters for your device.

Some computers have ports for ethernet cables, others require the use of adapters. Either way you can reduce your exposure and get fast internet! You can also hardwire an iPad and many other tablets. 

Watch Dr Miller explain how to hardwire his apple laptop., 

Bring back the landline


Corded phones using landlines are the safest way to make a phone call.

There is no radiation. Copper landlines have the benefit of remaining operational in a power outage. 

The many purported benefits of 5G Wireless need further review. Fiber Optic cables can provide much of the benefit without the risk.  The 911 benefits are questionable. In a recent California fire, 60 people died because of power outages that resulted in failures of the reverse 911 call to reach them. Those who survived had copper landlines. Nothing is as secure, reliable, or safe as a copper landline. 

Learn to Hardwire Your Devices


You can have internet without Wireless! Learn how to use install ethernet cords and connect your devices!

Wire Your Home For Ethernet


Are you ready to take the next steps to wire your home for ethernet? Learn how to here! Supplies are available at hardware stores and on the internet.

Ask for Fiber to the Premises


Fiber Optic Technology is the fastest, safest and most secure way to bring the internet to your home! 

Chattanooga TN has the fastest and most secure internet in the US! They use 

wired, fiber optic technology. 

Tell your internet provider and your legislators that you would like this safe, fast and reliable service.