Children and Other Vulnerable Populations

A need for protection

Our youngest citizens, including the unborn, infants, and children are most at risk. Pregnant women, those who are chronically ill and seniors are also more susceptible to the effects of wireless radiation. 

Researchers are alerting us about the vulnerability of children to the harm of wireless technologies. Some facts about why children are more vulnerable include:

  • Children are still growing, their cells rapidly dividing and their organs are immature. Events that disturb the function of their cells early in life can result in abnormalities that last their entire lifetimes.
  • They have a smaller head size and skull thickness.
  • The higher conductivity of a child's nervous system results in greater penetration of RF-EMF's into the brain (Gandi, et al 1996)
  • In utero exposure to mobile phones affects the fetus and leads to changes in neurodevelopment and behavior of offspring. (Aldad et al, 2012, Hanson Mild et al, 2012).

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that we reduce children's exposure to wireless radiation from cell phones,

The American Academy of Pediatrics discusses other sources of electromagnetic fields including cell towers on this page of their website:

The Environmental Health Trust has an excellent page for parents which can be found here:

Children are not the only population that is more vulnerable to the effects of wireless radiation. Others such as those who are chronically ill or seniors are also more likely to be affected, though anyone is at risk. The Environmental Health Trust and Physicians for Safe Technology provide helpful links for a variety of situations. The Physicians for Safe Technology website discusses electrosensitivity at length. The following link is the first of multiple links on that website.

Learn to Protect Your Family

Wireless Education offers low cost courses on how to begin to protect yourself or your  family. The class costs less than most movie tickets and can provide you with information that you need to protect your health.

Pregnancy and Early Childhood are special times and special attention is needed to reduce wireless risks. Learn more at the link below.

Those who are chronically ill also need special protection. The Wireless Education website (above) will provide helpful information, as well as the link below from Physicians for Safe Technology.